Compositions, Recordings, and Publications

Below are some excerpts of Jonathan’s compositions!

At the Laundromat

The Seagull

Wonderful Grace of Jesus

Landing of the Birds

Bedtime Shadows

Jonathan has collaborated with such artists:

-Alfa Garcia   -The Flannery Brothers   -Jimmy Merchant   -Mike Flannery

  -Robert Bannon   -SJAWE   -Tris McCall   -William Paterson University Jazz Orchestra   -Xiang Gao

Recordings & Discography

Jonathan has recorded with such artists and groups:

-Alfa Garcia   -The Flannery Brothers   -Jack Furlong   -Jimmy Merchant 

-Mike Flannery   -Robert Bannon   -SJAWE   -The Sly Caps   -Tris McCall

                The Sly Caps                          Little-T and One Track Mike            Jonathan McElroy Trio

      William Paterson University              Jack Furlong Quartet                              Mike Flannery   

                   SJAWE (2014)                                   SJAWE (2015)                                      SJAWE (2016)

*Album artwork unavailable for: Maggie Goes Green and South Jersey Area Wind Ensemble  (2012-2014)


The Easy Tax Guide Series:

If you ever had questions about filing your taxes and what that entails, but didn’t hav the time to read a thick, heavy, hard to understand manual, the Easy Tax Guide is your answer. There are 5 guides to choose from depending upon your creative path. The Easy Tax Guide is set up in an easy to understand format broken down into sections representing the different fields in your profession. With quick lists, and example spreadsheet, and in a convenient carry size, you’ll be on your way to understanding taxes without having to take time away from your creativity. This tax guide is designed to be used every year by the professional, semi-professional, and anyone in the field who needs simple tax advice.

Simply click on the title below to preview the first 4 pages and to order the guide!

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